Thursday, December 16, 2010

Esprit Adopt a Family

Gifts have been pouring in for our Christmas 2010 Adopt a Family! You can't step into my office without smiling :) So if you need one today, come on over to 131.

All gifts have now been snatched from the wish tree! If you are still wanting to purchase a gift for our family, please consider a grocery store or restaurant gift card, or something nice for mom. Our kids each have 14 presents to open! Awesome.

The Adopt a Family committee will be delivering gifts to the family on Friday evening. I have spoken to the mom several times and she is beyond appreciative for our help and super excited for her kiddos.

Esprit thanks you for making our 2010 Adopt a Family project a huge success!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DCE Adopt A Family

DCE has adopted a family for Christmas 2010!

A single mother, age 25 with 4 young children. Macaiah is 9, Jacqueline is 8, Zionna is 7 and Yadun is 4.

Here is the plan:
1. Starting November 23 you can go to room 31 and take 'wishes' from our wish tree.

2. Shop! Shop! Shop!

3. A wrapping station will be set up in room 31 December 13 - 16 for your convenience. Don't want to wrap? Student & Faculty Services will do it for you!

4. December 13 - 17(NOON) Drop off your gifts to room 131 (Stud/Fac Svcs)

The committee will deliver the gifts to the Flint Hills Breadbasket on December 17 at 3:00.

When you choose a 'wish' card from the tree, keep in mind that some of the wishes are more expensive than others. Feel free to take several cards or choose to find a friend to go in with you on a larger ticket item. Sizes will be indicated on your wish card.

Here are some of the wishes for our family:

Macaiah is 9 and he wishes for a new bible, a new coat, gloves & hat, used xbox 360 or wii games, mp3 player. He likes collecting rocks and spy stuff. His favorite colors are blue, red and green.

Jacqueline is 8 and she wishes for a new bible, some fun make-up, arts & craft items, a karaoke machine, mp3 player. She is a girly girl who loves iCarly & Hannah Montana. She would like a pink rug for her room, a pink coat with gloves and a hat to match. Her favorite color is pink and loves glitter. (my kind of girl!)

Zionna is 7 and she wishes for a leap pad with math games, arts & craft items, mp3 player and a new bible. She likes the Backyardigans and Tinkerbell. Her favorite color is purple and she would like a new purple rug for her room, a purple coat and gloves. (Cara's kind of girl!)

Yadun is 4 and he wishes for anything that lights up and is noisy! He loves Cars, especially Lightening McQueen. Tonka trucks and matchbox cars are on his list, along with a new fleece blanket for his bed. His favorite color is blue and red, and he could use a nice warm coat for winter.

Mom's name is Katrina. She doesn't wish for anything for herself, but likes anything that smells nice for the house. She would be very grateful for anything for her kids and a gift for her would be relief from her grocery bill. I will have Dillons or Ray's gift cards as an option on the tree for Katrina.

Let's make this a wonderful Christmas for our breadbasket family!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Planting

Fall planting is complete :) We took out the tall reddish plants on the sides, replaced those with purple mums. Petunias are gone, fresh mulch has been laid, and you might even see a few little pumpkins out there too!
We put fresh mulch at the center tree, and planted three mums under our new sign. If you are part of the circle garden crew, please feel free to transplant these somewhere else when you are ready to plant the circle garden. We had three extras that we were unsure of what to do with and thought they would be a nice touch by the sign.Thanks so much for the fall planting contributions. I'm amazed at how our DCE employees will take out of their personal wallets to make our courtyard awesome!

Take a minute & visit our new fall garden!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!

Fall weather is here, which means our lovely petunias are just about to die :( But we are now on to fall mums! I think our garden would look awesome with some purple mums to fill in the spaces where the petunias will be dug up.

Eventually I hope to get the garden to a point where we don't have to keep putting our money into it, but for now, I'm needing to beg for some donations!

If you would like to contribute to our fall planting efforts, you can do that a few ways :

Bring you cash (or check) donation to Suzy in room 131.

Buy a mum or two the next time you're out & about (purple please), any size is ok, and bring to the front of the building.

Planting day is Tuesday, October 5 from 1-5. Join us for planting if you can!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Garden Update

We have been maintaining and enjoying our garden all summer. The grasses are filling in really nicely, and the plants up front are growing so tall we have to cut them down about once a week!Here is a new pic of our front garden. Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sprinkler Anyone?

Hopefully you have had a chance by now to step away from your desk and peek out at the front garden! The grasses are doing well, the purple lily's are blooming this week, the petunias are spreading and the rose moss is blooming yellow and pink flowers :)

One request - If anyone has an old sprinkler they no longer need, or if you happen to see one at a garage sale....I could really use one to help with the watering. Our garden fairy donated the money for a timer, so I would like to set a sprinkler out there on a timer instead of watering by hand.

I want to take just second to thank our generous DCE employees who donated their personal funds to buy the plants for the garden. We are enjoying them everyday!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Phase II

Pedicures destroyed, chiropractor appts scheduled ....... but the front garden is done! (for now) I think the plants that were chosen will fill in great through the summer, but we may add more later as needed. For now, we will focus on taking care of the ones we have.

Dark purple lilys are in the middle, with some yellow on the sides to tie in with the other lilys on the side of the building. The front of the garden will be the only thing we have to replant every spring. All the other plants will come back year after year!

There are still a few opportunities for people to have a space if they would like one! Over on the side, there is a small garden by the back door that a little bit of grass has been planted in, but 1/2 of the bed is empty. That bed could use some love if someone would like it. Dillons has plants 50% off now, so it wouldn't cost much to get that one going.

Under the stairs on the side is just screaming for some vica vine and mulch! That would be easy for someone to do - just water it until it gets established and it will take care of itself from there.

Here is the new and improved front of College Court!